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Charleston Staging Tips

Want to know the secret to wowing buyers, getting top dollar, and selling fast? Staging your home can actually increase its value, and you don't have to spend a lot of time or money to see results. Here are a few simple ways to spruce up your interior and exterior—and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team!

1. Start on the Outside 

When it comes to selling a home, a good first impression is the easiest way to lure buyers inside. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your exterior and maximize your curb appeal.

Work the landscaping

No buyer wants to see a yard riddled with brown spots or overgrown bushes. Take some time to get your landscaping looking its best. That means it's worth the extra effort to keep your lawn mowed, tear out weeds, and prune back any bushes and trees. 

Handle any repairs

Don't let missing shingles or peeling paint cost you a sale! If you know of any lingering repairs, ensure that they're completed before your home hits the market. Today's buyers want move-in ready homes, so seeing any problems before they step inside could spell trouble.

Clear debris & clutter

Take some time to sweep away any leaves, dirt, or dust away from your home before buyers show up at your door. You should also put away any clutter, like bikes or toys. 

Create a welcoming entry

Even if you don't have a large porch, you can still make it an inviting space for buyers. Consider setting out some potted plants or a welcome mat. You can also hang a wreath on your front door and decorate with seasonal accents, like a pumpkin or garland.

Make some upgrades

If your home still isn't looking market-ready, consider investing in a few inexpensive updates to really maximize your curb appeal. You may want to replace your walkway, paint your front door, or install different light fixtures to breathe new life into your exterior.

2. Cleaning and Repairs

Now it's time to take a look inside your home. Creating clean and welcoming spaces for buyers is key to securing a sale—and it doesn't take much effort to get your home up to par.

Tackle interior repairs

Leaky faucets and creaky floorboards may seem like minor repairs, but you'll want to complete them before buyers start touring your house. It may be a good idea to have a pre-listing home inspection to uncover any issues ahead of time.

Clear away clutter

Getting rid of excess clutter is the easiest way to make your home appear larger. If you have any items you no longer need, consider hosting a yard sale or making a donation to charity.

Deep clean everything

Even if you keep your home pretty tidy, you'll want to do a thorough cleaning of every nook and cranny before you sell. If you don't have time to deep clean each room, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Make improvements

If your home is still looking a little dated, it may be worth taking on a few DIY projects to bring it to the next level. A fresh coat of paint, new cabinet pulls, and updated fixtures can make all the difference!

3. The Final Details

Now that you have the inside and outside of your home looking perfect, it's time to focus on the smaller details. Although they may seem insignificant, these little changes will definitely catch buyers' attention!

Let the light in

Now is the time to throw back the drapes, open the blinds, and let plenty of sunlight into your home. If you have a room that doesn't get a lot of light, consider adding some lamps or upping the wattage in your lightbulbs.


If you have any personal decor, such as family photos or memorabilia, you may want to take it down until you move into your new home. This will help buyers envision themselves living in your space. 

Enhance your decor

When it comes to staging your home, less is always more. However, it's okay to set out some intentional accents, like fresh flowers in a vase or a blanket draped over your sofa. These small touches can give your home a warm, inviting vibe.

4. Appeal to the Senses

Right before buyers arrive for a showing, take some time to add a few last-minute details that appeal to their senses. You can do this by playing soft instrumental music, setting out snacks and beverages, lighting scented candle, or simmering some cinnamon and vanilla on the stove.

5. Don't Forget the Backyard!

Many buyers are in search of a yard or outdoor space that's ideal for year-round entertaining, especially here in South Carolina. If you do have a backyard, porch, balcony, or deck, give it a little TLC. Mowing the lawn, cleaning off your patio furniture, and trimming your landscaping can make a huge impact on buyers.

Ready to Sell Your Charleston Home?

No matter where you are in the selling process, you can trust RARE Charleston to help you out. We have the tools you need to sell quickly and for top dollar, so just call us for more information. We look forward to teaming up soon!