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From Barrier Island to the shores of the city, the Charleston area boasts some of the best waterfront properties in the region. With the ocean, rivers, creeks, lakes, and streams, there are plenty of fresh and salt water options to satisfy your needs. Explore the perks of life in a waterfront home, and find your perfect property in the Charleston area today.

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Explore Waterfront Living

Enjoy scenic landscapes, peace and quiet, and easy access to all of your favorite outdoor recreational activities. Your home should compliment your lifestyle — here are a few highlights to owning a waterfront home. 

Why Buy a Waterfront Home?

Recreational Activities

Cast off from your private deck, set sail on wide open waters, or cool off with a swim — there are tons of options for recreation when you live in a waterfront home. Whether you want some solo quiet time or to entertain guests with a backyard barbecue, you'll never run out things to do. 

Natural Beauty

Take in the dazzling colors of the sunset as it sinks over the calm surface of the water, listen to the waves lap against the shore, and watch the wind rattle the treetops. Your waterfront views will be totally yours, so you can spend every night taking in the natural beauty around you, free from the hustle and bustle.


When you live in a waterfront home, your lot with come with plenty of acres of green space and shoreline. With all the extra space to roam, you also won't have to worry about prying eyes or neighbors being too close by. Plus, many waterfront homes offer lines of trees or shrubbery for extra privacy.

Property Value

Eventually, you might find yourself in the position to sell your home. Even if you happen to sell during a volatile time in the market, owning a home on the water makes your property value reliably steady. Waterfront homes are always popular for buyers, so you can expect to make a nice return on your investment when you sell.

Ready to Find Your Waterfront Home in the Charleston Area?

If you're thinking of buying a waterfront home in the Charleston area, then it's time to contact the RARE Charleston Team. We're here to help you explore the area, discover the unique communities, and find the perfect home in the right price range for you. Give us a call, and let's get started today!